"I am not here to tell you tomorrow is another day. That the sun will go on shining. What I will tell you is this; It’s okay to be hurting as much as you are. What you are feeling is not only completely valid but necessary — because it makes you so much more human. And although I can’t promise it will get better any time soon, I can tell you that it will — eventually. For now, all you can do is take your time. Take all the time you need.” ©

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taemin - trapdoor malfunction brings a new meaning to his song ‘danger’  :(

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Jonghyun’s twitter update 14 / 10 / 17
@realjonghyun90: “I get goosebumps imagining the future wherein i’ll go meet the family and introduce myself as “hi! i’m bling bling jonghyun! bbuing~  >_<v” - marriage disaster

(rough)tr: keihissi

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Minho is 75% legs and it’s glorious.

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I couldn’t resist xD