"I am not here to tell you tomorrow is another day. That the sun will go on shining. What I will tell you is this; It’s okay to be hurting as much as you are. What you are feeling is not only completely valid but necessary — because it makes you so much more human. And although I can’t promise it will get better any time soon, I can tell you that it will — eventually. For now, all you can do is take your time. Take all the time you need.” ©

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168/200 Taemin gifs. Struggling with the hammock

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come back to your healthy and smiling self, 설리야 ♥
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Each person is an enigma. You’re a puzzle not only to yourself but also to everyone else, and the great mystery of our time is how we penetrate this puzzle.

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get to know me meme ✩; favorite female groups [4/5]

↳ Girls Generation ♡